At ComplianceXL, we are committed to helping organizations build a culture of Supply Chain Sustainability, Material Compliance and Ethical Sourcing. We believe that compliance goes beyond meeting regulatory requirements to create a more responsible and sustainable business.

Organizations often struggle with compliance due to lack of internal bandwidth and lack of subject matter experts. Managing compliance requirements effectively without the necessary resources can be challenging due to their complexity and time commitment.

We at ComplianceXL provide on-site resources with in-depth knowledge of various regulatory compliance and procurement. You can choose from temporary staffing, permanent onsite, or even on-demand remote resources depending on your compliance needs. Our compliance experts can work seamlessly with your team to achieve your compliance goals while you focus on your core business operations.

With our onsite compliance resources, you can receive expert compliance advice on a variety of regulatory topics, including RoHS, REACH, IMDS, Prop 65, TSCA PBT, CMRT, Trade Compliance, and ESG.

In addition to focusing on compliance, our specialists work closely with your sourcing team to identify potential compliance risks, develop risk mitigation strategies, and ensure you have a robust procurement process. Moreover, we can help you identify low-cost country sourcing for your materials and ensure they comply with applicable regulations in the target market.

Let our team of compliance experts help you stay on top of your compliance requirements efficiently and effectively.