The European Union's Green Deal and Its Game-Changing Effect on the Cosmetics Sector

19 Sep 2023

According to a recent study by Cosmetics Europe, 72% of European consumers highly value cosmetics and personal care products in their daily lives. These products, ranging from lotions to powders, not only enhance skin appearance and scent but also play a significant role in cleansing, protecting, and moisturizing the skin. With the potential to improve the quality of life, boost self-esteem, and facilitate social interactions, it is essential to ensure that cosmetic products and their ingredients are environmentally safe.

The European Green Deal and Its Implications:

As the world faces alarming climatic challenges, maintaining a healthy climate has become a top priority for individuals worldwide. Europe, as a continent, has taken a significant step in this direction with the initiation of the European Green Deal. This proposal aims to transform the EU into an eco-friendly and competitive economy by generating a new growth strategy. By 2050, the European Green Deal envisions achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. While the EU cosmetic industry embraces the Green Deal and its goals, it also acknowledges the challenges that accompany its implementation.

Protecting Consumer Safety and Health:

The primary objective of cosmetic safety assessment within the EU is to safeguard consumer health and safety. Since cosmetics, including skincare, haircare, makeup, and personal hygiene products, come into direct contact with the skin and mucous membranes, it is vital to ensure that they do not contain non-compliant ingredients or formulations that could lead to adverse reactions, allergies, or even serious health hazards.

Cosmetics Europe’s Suggestions for Enhanced Safety and Compliance:

To prevent unnecessary negative impacts, Cosmetics Europe has outlined several factors that the European Commission should consider when revising the current Cosmetic Products Regulation (CPR). These propositions include promoting a globally sustainable competitive cosmetics sector, fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, and strengthening the effectiveness of the CPR. Additionally, Cosmetics Europe emphasizes the need to maintain the “Gold Standard” of the CPR as an international reference, given the history of high safety levels achieved by European cosmetic products.

The Impact on Cosmetic Ingredients and Packaging:

Within this initiative, the focus on cosmetic ingredients and packaging becomes evident. Companies will now be encouraged to invest in cosmetic raw materials and packaging that are both safe for consumers and sustainable for the environment throughout their lifecycle. Holistic assessments based on scientific evidence will be crucial to determine the environmental impact caused by cosmetic and personal care products. By implementing rigorous safety assessments, the EU aims to minimize potential risks and build consumer trust.

Benefits and Expectations:

The EU’s commitment extends to transforming the economy for a sustainable future, improving the climate by 2030 and 2050, and fostering research and innovation in the cosmetics industry. The ambition is to have a toxic-free environment with zero pollution, as well as the preservation and restoration of ecosystems and biodiversity. This initiative empowers consumers to embrace the green and digital transitions.

As the cosmetics industry continues to evolve dynamically, it has an important role to play in environmental initiatives. While the implementation of the European Green Deal is still in its initial phase, the upcoming regulatory changes in the cosmetics and consumer industry are inevitable. By prioritizing safety, compliance, and sustainability, the industry will continue to deliver safe, compliant, and effective products. The EU Green Deal sets high expectations for the industry’s contribution towards a greener future, making it essential for companies to align with its principles for long-term success.

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1. What is importance of the EU Green Deal?

The European Green Deal is a package of policy initiatives, which aims to set the EU on the path to a green transition, with the goal of reaching climate neutrality by 2050. It supports the transformation of the EU into a fair and prosperous society with a modern and competitive economy.

2. What is green deal with the EU?

The European Green Deal – A commitment to future generations. No net emissions of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Economic growth decoupled from resource use. No person and no place left behind.

3. How many countries are in the European Green Deal?

27 EU countries are preparing for 2050. The European Union’s investment and reform plan to achieve zero emissions in mobility, agriculture, construction, and industry.

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