Chicago, IL; February 10, 2019 – ComplianceXL has been awarded a contract by a large automobile solutions provider to create and manage the Material Data Sheets (MDS) and Conflict Minerals Documentation (CMRT) for their entire spread of automobile products.

The client is a leader in automotive systems and solutions for over a century and known for revolutionizing the driving experience by leveraging disruptive technology like the Internet of Things, Big Data and sustainable energy. They are the tier one supplier of auto parts for most of OEM automobile brands. The client’s innovative electronics technology provides a variety of products, systems, and services, for automobiles, consumer electronics, industrial devices, building products, and housing industries.

ComplianceXL will set up a dedicated team of compliance analysts to manage MDS data and CMRT documentation on an on-going basis. The engagement includes an exhaustive service bouquet for both MDS and CMRT management.

Some of the challenges faced by the client in the absence of a dedicated compliance team to manage IMDS and CMRT are:

  • High volume of IMDS requests from all OEM manufacturing brands across the globe.
  • Concurrent IMDS and CMRT requests caused difficulty in meeting compliance deadlines.
  • The lack of compliance knowledge, due to updates or changes in global compliance regulations.
  • An ever-changing needs of the market and customer requirements complicated the client’s compliance program management.
  • Delay in resolving compliance queries by the customers in different time zones across the globe.

Major services for IMDS management:

  • Consulting on IMDS requirement and on-going supplier engagement
  • Collect, review and validate the materials composition submitted by suppliers as per GADSL and ELV compliance regulation within IMDS.
  • Generate IMDS based on BOMs, technical drawings and manufacturing information.
  • MDS data management into IMDS platform
  • IMDS reporting for OEM manufacturers

Major services for CMRT Management:

  • CMRT compliance gap analysis
  • Setup a centralized program to collect CMRT from third party suppliers across the globe.
  • Supplier training and data collection
  • CMRT sourcing, validation and reporting
  • Integration of CMRT into centralized ERP and CMMS Systems

“We are honored to help an automotive leader in their endeavor to global material compliance. Increasing complexity and frequent changes in regulations are big challenges for the suppliers of automotive industry, it is important for such manufacturers to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the material data and be compliant. Our technology driven approach in IMDS and CMRT documentation will transform client’s ability to demonstrate supply chain sustainability, material compliance and ethical sourcing.” says CK Bharathan, Head – Compliance Solutions, ComplianceXL.

About ComplianceXL:

ComplianceXL is the Compliance Solutions Division of Enventure, a leader in the compliance business since 2003. ComplianceXL is a one-stop solution for all supply chain compliance requirements, ranging from consulting and training to software deployment and compliance documentation. By implementing a transparent and well-structured compliance program, ComplianceXL enables clients and all key stakeholders to follow an integrated process, to meet obligations. Beyond an initial implementation, also provides ongoing support to comply with all regulations by keeping you updated with the latest directives.