Chicago, IL July 10, 2021 – ComplianceXL has won a multi-year contract to manage regulatory compliance needs and enhance the material compliance status for a leading global manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders and assemblies.

The client is a leading producer of hydraulic cylinders and assemblies in the world with manufacturing facilities across multiple continents. The client is specialized in hydraulic cylinders for OEMs in mobility, construction, aerial and agricultural equipment markets.

ComplianceXL will improve the processes in managing global regulatory compliance such as RoHS, REACH, Prop 65, TSCA, and IMDS. A team of compliance engineers led by a season compliance specialist will develop a strategy based on a robust compliance roadmap. The comprehensive roadmap covers Gap Assessments, Consulting, Training, Technology Implementation, Compliance Documentation, and an ongoing maintenance program.

ComplianceXL will ensure that the client is future-ready to meet the regulatory compliance obligations of various regions. The project goes through key phases of compliance:

  • Gap assessment: The team will conduct a compliance audit to assess needs and review existing systems for various regulations across the globe.
  • Strategy and Framework: The compliance specialist will develop a robust compliance framework that can be implemented across all functional groups.
  • Compliance Training: ComplianceXL will impart training to both internal and external stakeholders and help knowledge development to make them aware of global regulatory requirements.
  • Compliance management Platform: The cloud-based compliance platform enables effective management of suppliers compliance documentations, compliance status tracking of product BoMs and reporting. It also ensures centralized storage of all compliance documents, transparency across stakeholders, and smooth workflow.
  • Supplier engagement and Compliance Documentation: The success of the compliance program is heavily dependent on the collection of Compliance Declarations and support documentation from suppliers worldwide. A dedicated team of supplier engagement works throughout the day to cover multiple time zones and is capable of handling multilingual conversations.
  • On-going Maintenance: In this phase, ComplianceXL will track all applicable compliance regulations, identify evolving needs, and refresh compliance documentation when needed with support for new product introduction.

The contract is signed to run for multiple years, but the activities like gap assessment, consulting, strategy development, and compliance training are expected to be completed within the first year of engagement.

We always ensure that our technology helps our clients meet the demands of evolving global regulatory compliance,” said CK Bharathan, Head of Compliance Solutions at ComplianceXL. “This step towards material compliance management will give exceptional advantage to the client over competition and will make them future-ready for new market avenues.”