ComplianceXL has been awarded a project to manage compliance consulting, by a global leader in manufacturing paper products. The engagement is designed to perform gap analysis of current compliance practices, develop a customized compliance framework and impart training to client’s stakeholders on EU REACHand CA Prop 65 regulations.

The client is known for its products made out of recycling of materials such as cardboard and paper that includes toilet paper, napkin and kitchen towel, thereby promoting environmental responsibility. The client offers a variety of high quality products that are specific to commercial, institutional and individual usage.

A Senior Compliance Specialist will perform a detailed Compliance Gap Analysis to – Review compliance procedures, assess current practices, review present compliance documentation and provide a report of gaps thereof. Furthermore, the Compliance Specialist will conduct an in-person training program for all key stakeholders. The Compliance Training includes: Introduction to global compliance regulations, scope of each regulations, substances covered, risks and limits, labelling and reporting requirements. The training will cover REACH and CA Prop 65 regulations and provide insights about various methods, operations, records, reporting of data as per accepted formats.

ComplianceXL will provide a tailor-made solution by capturing benefits and downsides for each regulation. A working model and a detailed roadmap will be drafted for easy implementation of compliance practices by the client.

“Material Compliance is the significant part of the overall business growth. We have a hard-earned market repute that helps us flourish in the business and assist clients to leverage the experience that we have garnered over a decade. I believe our strength in this area was a key factor in the client deciding to award this contract to ComplianceXL”said CK Bharathan, Head – Compliance Solutions, ComplianceXL.

About ComplianceXL:

ComplianceXL is the Compliance Solutions Division of Enventure, a leader in the compliance business since 2003. ComplianceXL is a one-stop solution for all supply chain compliance requirements, ranging from consulting and training to collecting compliance certifications and documentation from suppliers. By implementing a transparent and well-structured compliance program, ComplianceXL enables clients to follow an integrated process, to meet their compliance obligations. Beyond an initial implementation, ComplianceXL also provides ongoing support to maintain compliance to regulations such as RoHS, REACH, CA Prop65, Conflict Minerals, ELV, GHS/OSHA and several other global legislations.