ComplianceXL announced today that they have won a contract to deliver Compliance Consulting and Training from a global leader in design and manufacturing of automotive systems.

At the start of the engagement, ComplianceXL will assign a Lead Compliance Specialist for this engagement, whose first assignment will be to chalk out a comprehensive compliance strategy for RoHS and REACH. By initially conducting a Gap Analysis, ComplianceXL will identify gaps within internal processes and systems, and identify areas needing changes, as well as opportunities for improvement. Based on the outcome, ComplianceXL will devise a cross functional framework, designed for cost-effectively meeting compliance obligations. ComplianceXL will also train key internal stakeholders to provide guidance on how to be compliant and how this might affect their supply chain globally.

Since the client is a major exporter to the European Union, compliance is a key concern and this engagement with ComplianceXL will enable them to comply with applicable material regulations for all their products and parts. The major benefits for the client – prevent fines, penalties or stop shipments – thereby ensuring they do not lose their superior market position.

“In a dynamic and competitive world, it is imperative for companies to be compliant and stay ahead of other players. The way we look at compliance consulting is really very strategic, highly focussed on our knowledge and always customized to the Client’s industry and their specific needs or expectations. And we don’t just consult – we walk the talk and ensure we support them in various other ways through their compliance program – be it support for collecting compliance certificates from suppliers or for generating product level compliance reports.” says Kiran Sivadas, EVP, ComplianceXL.

Beyond the initial phase, the client will also be engaging with ComplianceXL for ongoing support for managing their compliance program.

About ComplianceXL:

ComplianceXL is the Compliance Solutions Division of Enventure, a leader in the compliance business since 2003. ComplianceXL is a one-stop solution for all supply chain compliance requirements, ranging from consulting and training to collecting compliance certifications and documentation from suppliers. By implementing a transparent and well-structured compliance program, ComplianceXL enables clients to follow an integrated process, to meet their compliance obligations. Beyond an initial implementation, ComplianceXL also provides ongoing support to maintain compliance to regulations such as RoHS, REACH, CA Prop65, Conflict Minerals, ELV and several other global legislations.